A Starting Point

So here we go. It’s January, 2013, and I’m actually going to start writing. I should have started this blog weeks months ago. This site was to be a place for me to work out my thoughts and ideas from various aspects of life and society. Impacted by a sermon series by Dr. Timothy Keller called Practical Graces this site is designed to be a location to reasonably think out the various implications of my beliefs, to dig down to the deeper issues that support them, and to look up to see how the Gospel truly impacts these ideas and areas of my life. The idea was to get them out in the open so that they can be considered by others, critiqued by those who are smarter than I am, and challenged by those who hold a different view.

But all of this is very scary for me and I’ve found it hard to start. The idea of sharing my thoughts this openly and welcoming feedback from every angle makes me feel very vulnerable. And I’m not always good with vulnerable. But I hope to be and so I’m writing this now. I’m also a perfectionist and so it’s hard to hit the publish button without going over my thoughts for hours and days and ultimately, not publishing anything at all. So, there are some challenges, but I’m ready to give it a try.

I don’t know exactly what I’m going to write. Some things will be personal questions and ideas that I’ve been mulling over. Some posts may be about the sermon from the prior Sunday. Some may focus on thoughts that arise from something I’m reading. But I know this: I’m ready to start.

Thanks for joining me! Let’s get started.



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